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I wanna tell you a story …………………

Hello Good People

Well, from my side, for the present, ‘GEORGE’ is done and dusted. I won’t be involved again until sometime in August/September of this year, when the process of turning the manuscript into a book begins.

So, to keep myself occupied, I’m in the process of setting up book three, itself the first of a planned three collections of my short stories/novellas. Whether they’re accepted by the publisher or not is another matter. I should point out that many (of the sixty or more) more first written back in the early ‘70s.

That’s it for now.


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Ready …. Get set ………..

Hello Good People

Well, dear old ‘GEORGE’ is moving to his starting block. By late June/early July, I’ll have the last of the 14 illustrations for the book in the bag. I await the proof reading process to begin. It seems Marketing comes on board in September, time-set to link into the actual November publication of the little fella’s adventures.

‘PROM’ is still alive it seems. The publisher keeping it in the public domain via the wonders of the Internet and Social Media sites.

And what long term? My short stories and novellas, and that will be down to ‘GEORGE’ and what financial return we (the Publisher and I) get from him. Good game, good game.

Right, I leave you now to enjoy all the delights of the General Election!



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