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Hello Good People

When ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ (PROM’) was published in November, 2015, the publisher, AUSTIN MACAULEY, did not have their Digital Marketing Division up and running. They do now! Pre-publication date, they will advertise across the entire social media spectrum, which will include all the News outlets (Radio, TV, etc.). This meaning that although the book is ‘officially’ published on November 30th, the distribution systems and advanced publicity will have been done weeks before. Also, within the social media, full details will be given as to where/how the book can be purchased and the cost. Also, there will be a picture of the front cover of the book, showing George in all his …. er …. glory!?

The ‘GEORGE’ poster. We had a poster for ‘PROM’. However, like the subject of that book, it was grim! But …. ‘our George’ is anything but. It’s commercial, directly for kids (and those still young at heart and very much for parents, Nans and Granddads), and aimed at the season: CHRISTMAS! So, I’m pitching for a poster for George also.

Right, that’s it. Get ready to Rock’n’Roll, George!!



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