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It’s the day

Hello You Lovely People.

Well, today is the day; ‘GEORGE’ was ‘officially’ published. I heard no sounding brass or ringing of bells. For me is was a quiet, quite ordinary – although bleedin’ freezin’ day! It was all going on at the publishers, printers and warehouse. I haven’t as yet seen a copy of the finished article, nor the poster (if one was indeed printed). But, with AUSTIN MACAULEY (MY publishers!) I know all is in full swing and that my efforts are being well handled and looked after. Just think, I took a punt on Google – that’s how I found them. Fate, thy name is Google!! It was also one of the better moves of my life as a writer! God bless ‘em (the publishers, that is).

Most of the copies of the book I want sent out to friends are being dealt with by the publishers, although I’ll also be getting a bundle from them so I can personally send out copies to those geographically close in to me. Good game, good game!

Right, I shall now retire to the sofa, recline and think on …. royalties. Well, I do write fiction, and my imagination isn’t bad!

Let’s hear it for GEORGE!!

Cheers, and thank you for your support and encouragement.


Virus-free. www.avast.com


Hello Good People

Well, the balloon is beginning to move up.

On December 8th it seems I’m to be interviewed for something called a Podcast. Don’t ask me, I’ve no idea. Mind you, it does sound good. Someone coming up to my part of the world to interview me about both my books (‘PROM’ re human brain transplant) and ‘GEORGE’ (the little dog who thinks he’s Saint George!). Should be interesting.

In truth, I have to say, I’m feeling my age a bit (74), what with aches, pains and suspect balance. But what the hell, huh? Bring it on!

It seems also possible that my MIND’SFLIGHT website will reach 20,000 ‘hits’ before this year is out (maybe even at the end of November).

Take care.


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Hello Good People

From my side, ‘GEORGE’ is done and dusted.

The book has now passed over to the Production, Printing and Marketing people. It’s been a long haul. I wrote the first of the (14) stories some 10 years ago.

It is just possible that I will have a third and final book out next June 30th (if I live that long), titled ‘BON APPETITE’. It will feature just about every short story I’ve written, going back to 1974. Good game, good game!

That’s it.


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Hello Good People

Sorry I’ve not been in touch. I’ve been through murder. Put another way, doing proof reads of my second book, ‘GEORGE’. First time since back in 2015 (‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’). As I once said, ‘Who would an author be?’ ME, actually!

Right, I’m off. Shattered I am. Have a good day.



Virus-free. www.avast.com

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