William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.

It’s the day

Hello You Lovely People.

Well, today is the day; ‘GEORGE’ was ‘officially’ published. I heard no sounding brass or ringing of bells. For me is was a quiet, quite ordinary – although bleedin’ freezin’ day! It was all going on at the publishers, printers and warehouse. I haven’t as yet seen a copy of the finished article, nor the poster (if one was indeed printed). But, with AUSTIN MACAULEY (MY publishers!) I know all is in full swing and that my efforts are being well handled and looked after. Just think, I took a punt on Google – that’s how I found them. Fate, thy name is Google!! It was also one of the better moves of my life as a writer! God bless ‘em (the publishers, that is).

Most of the copies of the book I want sent out to friends are being dealt with by the publishers, although I’ll also be getting a bundle from them so I can personally send out copies to those geographically close in to me. Good game, good game!

Right, I shall now retire to the sofa, recline and think on …. royalties. Well, I do write fiction, and my imagination isn’t bad!

Let’s hear it for GEORGE!!

Cheers, and thank you for your support and encouragement.


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