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‘GEORGE’ and Social Media; ‘BON APPETITE’

Hello You Luv’ly People, One and All!

Well, as you know, ‘GEORGE’ is up, running and out there now. The publisher (AUSTIN MACAULEY – AM for short) has done a number on Social media, which I’m not now on at all. Couldn’t really get into it. If any of you see mention of the gorgeous little mutt (sorry,Maria!), I’d be grateful for any description/comment.

It’s also on the AM website: the cover of the book and my brief back cover write up of the storyline.

Hopefully, in the next week, the fun should start, as copies go out to most of you. I’ll be looking out for any reviews, via the AM website. I’ve read a few on ‘PROM’. Not too bad, but I think some expected a rip-roaring horror fest, and were disappointed it wasn’t. I think things will remain quiet until Canavero does his living human head transplant over in China (now scheduled for April 2018). Mind you, one not too satisfied reader was delighted with the latter part of the anti-hero’s final speech, in which he spoke about euthanasia. So enthused was the reviewer, he quoted the paragraph in question word for word! God bless the critics, whether they pan or praise.

‘BON APPETITE’ This is my third – and final – book. I want to wait and see how ‘GEORGE’ makes out before I ask AM to make a decision on whether to publish or not. It’s the collection of my short stories – going back to 1974 – even further if you include two old poems of mine (1969). The book is set up as a mix, from tongue-in-cheek, schoolboy disgusting horror, to the darkest of dark horror. I also throw in a few poems, as said, including a story in verse and prose, titled ‘ARRIVAL’. It’s about the Second Coming. You know me, in for a penny …………

That’s about it, really. It’s weird being in the dark, with little George strutting his stuff out there …. alone (pass the tissues, Gladys!).



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