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In answer to ……

Hi’ya, Maria.

On Saturday, in a text, you asked me how the publisher, AUSTIN MACAULEY (AM), decided to go with my first two books; ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ and ‘GEORGE’. It made me think, especially with the first one.

Obviously, money plays its part, as it’s a partnership between publisher and author. Even so, my financial contribution is, in reality, no true reflection of the personnel involved and the expertise they bring to the table. The subject matter of ‘PROM’ at least had the reflection of Shelley’s ‘FRANKENSTEIN’, but far more realistic and immediate; this being borne out by the Italian neurosurgeon, SERGIO CANAVERO. Indeed, at one point, we believed he would be performing the world’s first ever living human head transplant (in Russia) in the same month ‘PROM’ was published. However, it didn’t happen. It is now scheduled for April of this year, in China. So, ‘PROM’ is a real, live subject.

Then came ‘GEORGE’. As different from ‘PROM’ as it’s possible to be. However, it is tailored to the biggest market in the world: children’s books. But, I also wanted the stories (fourteen, interlinking, creating the one overall story/book) to be fun for the ADULTS who’d read them to their own children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces; with the reading ‘chores’ I believe falling most heavily on granddads and NANS! The first indication that I’ve managed to achieve this was declared to me only this Saturday just gone. A few kids have expressed their delight, and also their joy for the illustrations, of which George comes out tops, with Butch getting an honourable mention. This, of course, is down to the illustrator, FINOLA STACK. She translated my word descriptions of the little rascals into perfect images. There’s also good Marketing/PR mileage in ‘GEORGE’, as he can be put forward TWICE a year: 24th April being the REAL Saint George’s birthday and, of course, every Christmas. Way to go, George! And there is the film/TV media to think of. At present, I and AM (through you, Thomas) have approached the BBCtv’s children‘s channel, CBBC. Also, for the record, ‘GEORGE’ was barely half my financial contribution, in relation to ‘PROM’

And now there’s ‘BON APPETIT’. I know it is a hard proposition in publishing when it comes to putting out collections of short stories, unless you’re a ‘named’ author. Still, I can now claim to be a published author, with two books to my name. Also, as I think Thomas and Rachael Speake (she’s in Submissions) at AM would testify, my stories are somewhat different, and also well and truly in the Mystery, Magic and Horror genres. Hee hee. Aaarrgghhhh!!

Also, we must not forget the media of radio. My first success was via the old Capital Radio’s ‘MOMENT OF TERROR’ series, which kicked off my writing in my adult years. To this end, I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by Georgie and her little Podcast broadcasting venture. I’m trying, with the help of Thomas, to get her interested in ‘broadcasting’ a few of the ‘BON APPETIT’ stories. We’ll see. In passing, ladies get a reasonable, fair and positive airing in the stories. Honest!

So, it’s all in the mix. I’d love to see ‘BON’ published on June 30th of this year; my 75th year of existence. Write on!! J

Finally, Maria, and to you all, thank you for being you, and the support that you give to me, and remember what I said at the end of my interview on Georgie’s Podcast: ‘A writer is a writer is a writer, but it’s the publisher who turns him or her into an AUTHOR!’.



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The Podcast interview

Hello Good People.

Firstly, those who are down to receive copies of ‘GEORGE’: I’m told by the publishers, they will be out by the end of this week, so watch out for your post!

As to the podcast interview I emailed over to you, if you bring it up onto your screen you will see that Georgie has re-set the Presentation page, so anyone can now post their comments on the interview directly to her. She will Forward them on to me, and I’ll Forward them onto the publishers.

Finally, to any one of you suffering the bleedin’ flu, you have my sympathy, as I too am suffering that particular displeasure!



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Podcast Interview

Hello Good People. I hope you get this in its complete form. Whilst the interviewer, Georgie, was beautifully clear, I sounded like Alfred Hitchcock on a bad day! Mind you, I was on the other end of the telephone, so I was trying to be as clear as I could. Even so, all things considered, I’m quite happy with it, and Georgie edited a two-hour sessions superbly well. Onwards and upwards!! PT J

From: Georgie Norgate [mailto:georgie.norgate@hotmail.co.uk]
Sent: Monday, January 8, 2018 9:22 PM
To: Pete; thomas.evans@austinmacauley.com
Subject: Re: Podcast Interview

Hi again!

The podcast is now up on the website! Please click the link below 😊 It has had to be edited down somewhat to fit the time restraints but I hope you like it!


It was a pleasure interviewing you!

Best wishes,


‘GEORGE’ reviews and YOU!

Hello You Luv’ly People

When you eventually get to read ‘GEORGE’, might I ask that you write a little review and post it on your blogsite/website. Feel free to say what you like …. just spell my name right (and George’s)!

I should know later today when the revised copy of the book will go out to those expecting their copies…. via AUSTIN MACAULEY. It seems the process isn’t as fast as I’d expected/hoped for.

That’s it, save to say once more – HAPPY NEW YEAR – and hanging in there with me.



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Hello Good People

Over the last few weeks, you will have received a few postings that were addressed to multiple recipients, other than your good selves. This being due to ‘GEORGE’, which was published at the end of November, 2017. After Christmas/New Year, the long slog of marketing (i.e. selling!) the book becomes the next stage. A lot of close friends know well of George, so are interested to know where he is, what he’s about. Hence, such postings that come your way.

At the moment, the few personal contacts who have a copy of the book, have all been uniform in their praise of the presentation of the book (size, colour, front cover, etc.), the illustrations within, and the very brief story at the end about Father Christmas. I have yet to have comment as to what is thought of the narrative.

Now ‘GEORGE’ is up and running, I begin preparing to try and get ‘BON APPETIT’ up and running. In the laptop, it’s almost 500-pages and 540,000 words! Mind you, all short stories, with a few poems thrown in, and written over some 45 years. Good game, good game.

Right, that’s it. back to the salt mines.

Cheers, and Happy New Year.


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To get an idea re ‘GEORGE’

Hello Good People

I was looking on the Internet yesterday to see if there were any reviews yet (too early, I think) on ‘GEORGE’. I ended up on an Amazon site which advertised that ‘GEORGE’ was on Kindle (the e-books route). This is how you get to the site:

On to Internet Explorer –

Type in the following: ‘GEORGE’ by William P Thomson –

Up comes a listing –

Click on 2 or 3rd down (can’t remember which one!) –

Up comes the Amazon/Kindle page –

You’ll see an illustration of the book cover – with George in all his glory –

It’s not a review but a PREVIEW, by way of re-producing the opening gambit of the first story – ‘ARRIVAL’ – and features Title & Presentation pages of the book, then – introduces Mister Kapis, Mister Woo and his mysterious pet shop Maria, mention of their pet cat – Willoughby Wobbly Guts – who has disgraced himself by eating another one of the pets – Mister Podge (a hamster) – thereafter doing a runner, ne’er to be seen again. It ends with maria taking George for their first walk together in Holland Park (which itself turns out to be fraught, not to mention revealing an unexpected aspect of George).

At the close of the page, it states how/where to buy a copy of the book, or get it on to your Kindle if you have one. Obviously, those of you who will be getting a copy from me (via the publisher) won’t have to bother with that.

I have other stuff on kindle (assuming it’s still on!). This ‘GEORGE’ preview isn’t a bad idea, and I think the kids will like to read or have it read to them. And that’s before the real fun and games begin!!

I and Thomas (amongst others in AUSTIN MACAULEY) are now beginning the prolonged sales effort on behalf of ‘GEORGE’. Hey-ho, it’s a dog’s life for some!


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Hello Good People

For those of you who have yet to behold (gulp!) George …. just follow the instruction below:

Type in http://austinmacauley.com

Click on the top entry, which reads ….. ‘austinmacauley.com – Children’s Book Publisher …..

Then scroll down until you see some book covers – including George at the end …..

Click on that and you’ll see details re the book. Obviously, to those named in the ‘To’ at the head of this email …. DON’T GO OUT AND BUY IT, AS ONE WILL BE ON ITS WAY TO YOU IN ABOUT A WEEK …. The book, that is, not the gorgeous mutt himself!



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Heart & ‘GEORGE’

Hi, Good People

To those who’ve seen part of this missive already, my apologies.

To email a review of ‘GEORGE’ (once you’ve read the book, which hopefully will be going out to you next week), you can go either to austinmacauley.com and click on ‘review’, then do your biz and SEND; or via http:/www.austinmacauley.com/book/George

If that’s too much hassle, just email me your comments (fox.pro). I’ll email them on to Thomas, who handles the marketing of my writings at ‘my publisher’ (AUSTIN MACAULEY).

To those who know of my medical history, I had my heart and pacemaker check-up at GUY’S this morning, and we both came through with flying colours. It seems the latter is good for another NINE years, so who knows, I may outlive my pacemaker!! Get in there my son!!



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Hello Peter,

Can’t wait to read George and of course I will write my review and post a picture on my social media pages!

Kind Regards,Marjorie Tozakidou

On 3 Jan 2018, at 10:57, Pete <fox.pro> wrote:


Hello, You Luv’ly People.


It seems this lovely country doesn’t fully kick back into life until the second (and first full) week of the New Year. Such being so, your copy/ies of ‘GEORGE’ have not yet gone out, but will, hopefully, do so next week. It will include a strapline on the inside title page. As to …..

Personal Reviews:

You’re invited to make your own comments on ‘GEORGE’ when you’ve read some or all of it. On to the Internet, type in AUSTIN MACAULEY.COM and you’re into their website. There’s a sort of ‘menu’ there, and you’ll see a heading marked ‘Reviews’. Click on that and follow the instruction. When done, hit SEND. Apart from your comments, you’re invited to give the book a gold star marking (1 up to 5 – or zilch, of course!). Any comment/guidance from me? Not really, I just remember and paraphrase the old adage: Say what you like, just spell my name/book title right! You’ll see the added strapline will read ‘Nothing is what it seems’. I put that in for a good reason, and to find out why, you have to read to the end – Ho Ho!

I’m now doing proof reading of what might be another book (or a series of 3 books), under the collective title of ‘BON APPETIT’ (‘Bon’ for short). All my short stories (and few poems), going back to around 1969. Just over half-a-million words, some 500 pages (at least on the laptop). As a one-off, of size enough to jam open the gates to Hell, hence it would be a three smaller books jobbie.

That’s it, save to say I have my annual heart/pacemaker check-up tomorrow at GUY’S. Good game, good game.

Love and Regards,


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