William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.


Hello, You Luv’ly People.


It seems this lovely country doesn’t fully kick back into life until the second (and first full) week of the New Year. Such being so, your copy/ies of ‘GEORGE’ have not yet gone out, but will, hopefully, do so next week. It will include a strapline on the inside title page. As to …..

Personal Reviews:

You’re invited to make your own comments on ‘GEORGE’ when you’ve read some or all of it. On to the Internet, type in AUSTIN MACAULEY.COM and you’re into their website. There’s a sort of ‘menu’ there, and you’ll see a heading marked ‘Reviews’. Click on that and follow the instruction. When done, hit SEND. Apart from your comments, you’re invited to give the book a gold star marking (1 up to 5 – or zilch, of course!). Any comment/guidance from me? Not really, I just remember and paraphrase the old adage: Say what you like, just spell my name/book title right! You’ll see the added strapline will read ‘Nothing is what it seems’. I put that in for a good reason, and to find out why, you have to read to the end – Ho Ho!

I’m now doing proof reading of what might be another book (or a series of 3 books), under the collective title of ‘BON APPETIT’ (‘Bon’ for short). All my short stories (and few poems), going back to around 1969. Just over half-a-million words, some 500 pages (at least on the laptop). As a one-off, of size enough to jam open the gates to Hell, hence it would be a three smaller books jobbie.

That’s it, save to say I have my annual heart/pacemaker check-up tomorrow at GUY’S. Good game, good game.

Love and Regards,


Virus-free. www.avast.com

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