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Hi’ya, Maria.

On Saturday, in a text, you asked me how the publisher, AUSTIN MACAULEY (AM), decided to go with my first two books; ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ and ‘GEORGE’. It made me think, especially with the first one.

Obviously, money plays its part, as it’s a partnership between publisher and author. Even so, my financial contribution is, in reality, no true reflection of the personnel involved and the expertise they bring to the table. The subject matter of ‘PROM’ at least had the reflection of Shelley’s ‘FRANKENSTEIN’, but far more realistic and immediate; this being borne out by the Italian neurosurgeon, SERGIO CANAVERO. Indeed, at one point, we believed he would be performing the world’s first ever living human head transplant (in Russia) in the same month ‘PROM’ was published. However, it didn’t happen. It is now scheduled for April of this year, in China. So, ‘PROM’ is a real, live subject.

Then came ‘GEORGE’. As different from ‘PROM’ as it’s possible to be. However, it is tailored to the biggest market in the world: children’s books. But, I also wanted the stories (fourteen, interlinking, creating the one overall story/book) to be fun for the ADULTS who’d read them to their own children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces; with the reading ‘chores’ I believe falling most heavily on granddads and NANS! The first indication that I’ve managed to achieve this was declared to me only this Saturday just gone. A few kids have expressed their delight, and also their joy for the illustrations, of which George comes out tops, with Butch getting an honourable mention. This, of course, is down to the illustrator, FINOLA STACK. She translated my word descriptions of the little rascals into perfect images. There’s also good Marketing/PR mileage in ‘GEORGE’, as he can be put forward TWICE a year: 24th April being the REAL Saint George’s birthday and, of course, every Christmas. Way to go, George! And there is the film/TV media to think of. At present, I and AM (through you, Thomas) have approached the BBCtv’s children‘s channel, CBBC. Also, for the record, ‘GEORGE’ was barely half my financial contribution, in relation to ‘PROM’

And now there’s ‘BON APPETIT’. I know it is a hard proposition in publishing when it comes to putting out collections of short stories, unless you’re a ‘named’ author. Still, I can now claim to be a published author, with two books to my name. Also, as I think Thomas and Rachael Speake (she’s in Submissions) at AM would testify, my stories are somewhat different, and also well and truly in the Mystery, Magic and Horror genres. Hee hee. Aaarrgghhhh!!

Also, we must not forget the media of radio. My first success was via the old Capital Radio’s ‘MOMENT OF TERROR’ series, which kicked off my writing in my adult years. To this end, I’ve had the pleasure of being interviewed by Georgie and her little Podcast broadcasting venture. I’m trying, with the help of Thomas, to get her interested in ‘broadcasting’ a few of the ‘BON APPETIT’ stories. We’ll see. In passing, ladies get a reasonable, fair and positive airing in the stories. Honest!

So, it’s all in the mix. I’d love to see ‘BON’ published on June 30th of this year; my 75th year of existence. Write on!! J

Finally, Maria, and to you all, thank you for being you, and the support that you give to me, and remember what I said at the end of my interview on Georgie’s Podcast: ‘A writer is a writer is a writer, but it’s the publisher who turns him or her into an AUTHOR!’.



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