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What it’s all about ….

Hello Good People

Things are moving a bit, indeed, have been since the Summer of 2015, when the publishing house AUSTIN MACAULEY decided to take on my first book – ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. I’m not sure how much I may (or may not) have explained to you. I’ll keep it simple. The publisher works in three spheres: in the conventional sense, taking on all the financial weight of producing a writer’s work, in vanity publishing, in which case you pay a lot, they print your book and that’s about it. The third way is in ‘partnership’. This is the route I was fortunate enough to be taken into. In the ‘Partnership’ mode, I pay a figure, but my share of the cost is but a small part in comparison to what the publisher puts on the table; their facilities (from proof reading, to publishing, to marketing), and, obviously, the experts in these fields).

What does this latter route entail? From the moment I signed the contract and returned it (about three days), they were in there like Flynn, and I haven’t looked back. I knew nothing about publishing, but all I can say is they were not found wanting. And once they’re with you, they stay with you. That becomes apparent when the work is published and the marketing of same gets under way. They are still there, pushing ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. After that, they took on ‘GEORGE’ (lighter fare, but in the biggest of all book markets – children’s books). Again, their expertise and support have been outstanding. I’ve dealt with some 10 people on the first two books, and that will probably be the same, if they take it on, with ‘BON APPETIT’. They took on ‘GEORGE’ because, as they told me, it was as different from ‘PROM’ as it was possible to be. With ‘BON’, equally different, as it’s the collection of all my short stories over the last 50 years.

Women seem to predominate at AUSTIN MACAULEY. Young, very able and up for it, and also with humour and grace. This time around, with ‘GEORGE’, I also have two young men on the Marketing front (Thomas and Henry), who I’ve already mentioned to you. Cambridge graduates (in English), who wear their level of academic achievement, and place of learning, lightly, and with humour and grace. I now also, indirectly, have a new Marketing Manager batting for me, who I have also mentioned previously, by the name of Janine. She who is putting together a “showreel” of books relatively recently published by the house (AUSTIN MACAULEY, that is).

So, there you go. I took a gamble and it seems to have worked. Put it this way, I have no complaints.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but Thomas has lumbered me …. oops, sorry …. obtained for me an engagement to speak at a literary festival in Dulwich, come 7th June. I’ll be presenting ‘GEORGE’. Back in 2015, it was ‘PROM’ and human brain transplants. Get in there!!

That’s yer lot for now. Keep the faith.



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Onwards, ever onwards

Hello Good People

At present, I’m writing my first short story in about ten weeks. Now I just write if the mood/an idea takes me.

An interesting note of note.

Some weeks back now, a young man in the publishing house assisted me in doing a recording via his super, all singing, all dancing mobile. I was dying of a cold at the time. The man’s name was (IS) Henry. My present Marketing Assistant is Thomas. He handles the marketing side of my books ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ and ‘GEORGE’. Hopefully, some time after March he may find he has my third book to contend with (‘BON APPETIT’).

The thing about these two young men is that they’re relaxed in manner and able as regards ability, and don’t have any airs or graces – pretensions – about them. Quite interesting, really, as both are English graduates through CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. They wear their education background lightly. In fact, Henry only told me indirectly, and Thomas didn’t tell me at all, until I told him about Henry (he knew that, of course). You couldn’t wish to know two more down-to-earth guys. As to the new Marketing Manager of the publishing house, Janine, she’s ‘Somethin’ else’, as our American cousins might put it. “Heavyweight” re experience, and she hit the ground running. She’s close to completing a sort of “showreel” of more recent books published by the house, one of which will be ‘GEORGE’. Way to go!

Right, I think that’s it for now. Toodle-pip.


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Hello Good People

Not much to tell at present, mainly because I’m slowly coming out of one hell of a cold. However …..

‘GEORGE’ will be featuring in an AUSTIN MACAULEY “showreel”, which will present little features on some more recent publications, of which ‘GEORGE’ is one.

Also, the manuscript my third (and probably final) book, is being read even as I write about it. And that’s about it, really.

I’ll keep you posted.

Hope you’re all surviving the cold ….. and colds!


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