William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.

Onwards, ever onwards

Hello Good People

At present, I’m writing my first short story in about ten weeks. Now I just write if the mood/an idea takes me.

An interesting note of note.

Some weeks back now, a young man in the publishing house assisted me in doing a recording via his super, all singing, all dancing mobile. I was dying of a cold at the time. The man’s name was (IS) Henry. My present Marketing Assistant is Thomas. He handles the marketing side of my books ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ and ‘GEORGE’. Hopefully, some time after March he may find he has my third book to contend with (‘BON APPETIT’).

The thing about these two young men is that they’re relaxed in manner and able as regards ability, and don’t have any airs or graces – pretensions – about them. Quite interesting, really, as both are English graduates through CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. They wear their education background lightly. In fact, Henry only told me indirectly, and Thomas didn’t tell me at all, until I told him about Henry (he knew that, of course). You couldn’t wish to know two more down-to-earth guys. As to the new Marketing Manager of the publishing house, Janine, she’s ‘Somethin’ else’, as our American cousins might put it. “Heavyweight” re experience, and she hit the ground running. She’s close to completing a sort of “showreel” of more recent books published by the house, one of which will be ‘GEORGE’. Way to go!

Right, I think that’s it for now. Toodle-pip.


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