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Sorry I haven’t posted for awhile. Bit tied up, in a manner of speaking.

My second book, ‘GEORGE’ (published by AUSTIN MACAULEY in Nov. 2017). Introduced it to two separate groups of seven-year-olds. Now that was an experience.

I’ve now had accepted a first collection of ghost/horror stories (first of six), under the collective title of ‘HORROR’, Series One …. Two … etc. It’s all go.

On top of all this, I’m working on something to do with adults reading to children. I’ll explain next time around.

Until then ….. ‘Byeeeeeee!

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Hello Good People

Well, I live to tell the tale, having faced two groups of seven-year-olds, telling them about ‘GEORGE’.

Both the children and their teachers were terrific. At one point, I invited the second group to guess my age, and one little dear suggested I was 103! Out of the mouth of babes, comes ……

It was a wonderful experience, and one that I would not have missed for the world.

It was part of a ‘festival’ of words, and some of the events, including mine, were at the Dulwich library. And well done the library. It really was/IS a hub of the community. All power to its elbow …. so to speak.


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Hello Good People.


This coming Monday (4 June) I shall be doing a presentation of my book ‘GEORGE’ to a group of 30 seven-year-olds …. three times over! God bless my publisher. I shall do “performance” reads as opposed to straight reads. What seven year old wants to sit and watch an old fart reading!?

This whole episode takes me back to my Drama training days. Talk about ‘Back to the Future’!

Right, back to rehearsals for me.



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