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Hello You Luv’ly People!

With a few exceptions, I have been somewhat amiss on the emails front. Nothing intentional, I assure you, just rather distracted.

My third book (‘INSANITUS’) should be out this November. Also, can you believe this, I’m somewhat preoccupied with bookmarkers and postcards! Actually, a ‘GEORGE’ bookmarker and postcard. Also, just for the record – our George has Royal approval from one quarter.

Also ….. I got an email with attachments …. proof copies of the bookmarker and – something going out on the Social Media sites: a sort of Corporate ad for my publisher, AUSTIN MACAULEY, that was laid out something as follows:

Black background, white typeface. Their name, then underneath that, their prime locations – London, Cambridge, New York and Sharjah. The rest of the ‘page’ is hogged by …. GEORGE! It’s a photograph of the front cover of the book, which is WHITE, so it stands out almost 3-D style. The Marketing Manager is a South African lady by the name of Janine. She comes across as one who has the motto and attitude of ‘Don’t talk about it, DO IT!!’ Just the sort to have in your corner, on your side. I’ll give you details where you can find this ad when I know. Good game, good game!

‘Game’? Oh gawd, the new footie season is all but upon us. Man U are warming up well. Got flattened by Liverpool, 4-1, out in New York, in front of a 101,000 crowd. Well, if you’re going to get stuffed, you might as well make a show of it! Anyone for Tennis?

Right, on that inspiring note, I’m off. Nothing new there, then!





Hello Good People

Sorry for my absence, but things have been busy.

‘GEORGE’ goes on, but now we’re dealing with bookmarker and postcard presentation of the little fella.

‘INSANITUS’ is to be my third book, which should come out this November. The title is the bog-standard Latin for insanity or insane.

That’s basically it. I’ll keep you posted.


PS: Enjoy the Summer, and just think …. more footie is just around the corner!

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