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To Sleep, Perchance to Write?

Hello You Good People

It seems the country is now on its Summer vacation. My main contact in the publishing house has just taken off for two weeks in Canada. The manuscript of my third book (‘INSANITUS’) is in the process of being made readable. In other words, going through the proof reading process. Other things are also on temporary hold, so I can either bed down for a long sleep or ….. try and get my butt in gear and get back to writing another couple of short stories. To scribble or snooze?, that is the question.

For the record, you may like to see how this little blogsite of mine has faired in the last six and a bit years:

2012 588 views, 18 visitors, 192 likes.

2013 282 views and 145 visitors, 14 likes.

2014 203 views, 126 visitors, 71 likes.

2015 318 views, 186 views, 111 likes.

2016 232 views, 86 visitors, 67 likes.

2017 136 views, 99 visitors, 49 likes.

2018 (to date) 145 views, 99 visitors, 36.

Not exactly setting the world alight. No Hemingway I; to ‘100 Shades of Blue’ text! Sorry about that. Interestingly enough, ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ was published in November 2015; ‘GEORGE’ in November 2017. Mmmmm. I must engage more, perhaps. Mind you, ‘GEORGE’ received Regal approval in this year.

Right, I shall return in a few weeks. Try not to get too excited! To keep you going, here is the text that will appear on the back cover of ‘INSANITUS’:

‘Make it to resemble a man

Sans emotions of any kind

Ignorant of pain and pleasure

Cold: bereft of heart and soul

One to kill at my command.’




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