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A moment of epiphany

Hello Good People

I’m just like a bus. One doesn’t appear for days, then you get two in two days. In reality, I had a moment of epiphany. Why not titillate you good people with quotes and snippets from my literary efforts. Put bluntly, blog site ads for my own humble writings? I have two books actually published: ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ (‘PROM’ for short) and ‘GEORGE’. Come November of this year, a third book should be published – ‘INSANITUS’ (meaning insanity or insane in bog Latin). So, I’ll begin with ‘PROM’, reproducing some of the text from the BACK COVER of the book. Over the days, a few more titbits from the same work. Here we go ….



‘What do you do when a terrible accident shatters your body, all but takes your voice from you and removes most of your face, leaving you confined to a specially adapted room with what remains of your face hidden behind a mask? All this, and yet your excellent mental faculties fully intact? If you are William John Baltimore, founder of the information network called Source, accepting your fate is not an option.’

That’s enough. Suffice to say, the blurb goes on to explain that Baltimore seeks out a man who he believes can remove his undamaged brain and implant it into another, vacated skull.’

Perhaps I should also add for you the ‘A&B Question’ I put at the beginning of the book: paper and pencil to the ready.

‘You stand Mr A and Mr B side by side. You then take Mr A’s brain and put it into Mr B’s skull, and put Mr B’s brain into Mr A’s skull.

Which one is then Mr A and which one Mr B?’ W PT

Over to you.


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