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Hello Good People

As promised, here I am again with the above noted book. Following the storyline, we move to the first (of two) James Robert Carvel’s speeches. The first, in the context of the story, was headed ‘A New Genesis’. Carvel had been officially announced as the top man at the newly created HM Cryogenics Research Establishment (CRE), Kingston-Upon-Thames. A small group calling itself ‘Friends of Medicine’ invites Carvel to speak at one of their functions. At first he’s all for giving it a miss, but changes his mind and agrees. What follows here is a sort of ‘extracted highlights’ from it. It was good fortune (or fate?) that no one attending knew of Carvel personally, and his personal views and prodigious neurosurgical skills – let alone his private views on the latter. All kicked off in the usual low-key, polite way …..

* * * *

“Ladies and gentlemen, ‘Friends of Medicine’, I thank you very much for inviting me to speak at your gathering this evening. If I may ……”

(I now highlight the choice, “juicy” bits.)

“As a Progressive, I am glad, as a Humanist, I am more than a little apprehensive.”

(Lying little shit!)

“To date, this new science (Cryogenics), in relation to immediate benefit to the individual, has been limited. However, it is now becoming a means by which to prolong life, indefinitely, until some future date when Medicine will have discovered cures and procedures for all that ails us today. (We) have the means NOW, to help find and apply such means for which people wait. It’s a very real possibility that we shall, sooner rather than later, be able to remove one of the greatest enemies known to today’s surgeons: TIME ……. to create the ability to push even further back, the spectres of age and death ….. either deliberately or unintentionally, (end the) greatest search in Man’s history; the search for everlasting life. ……. How far dare we go? How far should we go? At what point, if any, should we cease to search, and thereby surrender the life to He that first gave it?

How long can we (the practitioners of Medicine) bear this burden? For how long must we continue to be both God and Man in one? …… It has to be the Society of THIS DAY that must help us, tell us, what is to be.

If we follow the foreseeable logical line of progress in Medicine, the end could be that which at first was the beginning, the making of a human life. But this time, not by the Divine hand of God, but by the progressive hand of Man. Perhaps then we should see a new Bible: the ‘Bible of Progress’, with a new Genesis, beginning where the ultimate folly in the progress of Man could itself end: And Man madeth man, by man and of man. And the new man, madeth by the old man, called the old man – GOD!

* * * *

Still in the storyline context …

Before he left the gathering, someone asked him what he meant, what he was doing. Carvel had smiled and winked as he replied: “Just putting a shot across our bow!”

* * * *

That’s it for today, Good People. Tune in again tomorrow.



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