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Hello You Luv’ly People.

Here we are again …. primarily with ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. However, first some news. The Marketing Manager of AUSTIN MACAULEY thinks this idea of “talking” about my writings on my little blog site is a great idea, so she’s linking it into my Press Release site. Oh, goodie!

So, back to ‘PROM’ and …. JAMES ROBERT CARVEL.

* * * *

What follows is in the context of the book/story.

Gavert’s face-to-face, formalised Q&A session with Carvel was the last. Again, here I edit it, and do not comment on it, save to say ten years down the line and the man looked to Gavaert to be physically older, but the eyes still shone with brilliance …. or madness …. depending on one’s view of the man.



‘Why did you make the ‘Friends of Medicine’ speech?’


‘Why not?’

(And then the man elaborated a little).

‘I wanted to fire a warning shot across the bows of medicine, just for my personal satisfaction. I knew those who’d probably put two and two together were not present that night. No real ‘heavyweights’ of our profession. Besides which, that was years ago and, in reality, we were nowhere near then.’


‘So, James, why?’

(It was here that Carvel had actually made the mountain and mountaineers analogy. He also then made the remark: ‘Who the gods wish to drag down, they first gift the cup of hubris.’ This itself, of course, a misquote.)


‘Will the ‘Experiment’ succeed?’


‘Truthfully, I do hope so. If not, to at least show that our way is essentially the right way.’


‘Do your fellow Team members think likewise?’


‘Have you not asked them, Alvin?’


‘Do you think you’re right in what you’re doing?’


‘I refer you to my speech to the ‘Friends of Medicine’. Also, I will, before the year is out, expand on it in my Address to the IAMS.’


‘Does Baltimore truly believe he’ll come out of it as a new man, literally?’


‘You’ve asked him. Let his answer suffice.’


‘Do you, would you, feel any responsibility for your course of action as regards to your colleagues in the profession, and to friends?’


‘Only to my patient, no other.’


If Baltimore, as ‘B2’, comes out of this alive, where will he go? Where will your Team go?’


‘To the prototype of the COT (the Cryogenics Operating Theatre). As to the Team members, they’ll each fly out of here and to destinations of their own choosing. As to ‘B2’, when he’s “de-frosted” for the final time, that will be that. No going back.’

(Gavaert had to add a codicil answer to that last answer)


‘Why, it seems as though you’d be running away!?’

(Carvel’s response was almost deadpan, as he also gave a faint smile)


‘Can’t be too careful. May get sussed and arrested.’


How far do you think medical progress will go?’


‘My two speeches give indication, but much will depend on the society of the day. There’s no easy answer.’


‘Finally, Sir James, do you believe in God?’


‘I’m not into formalised religion, Alvin. It has no place in my professional work. On good days, I believe in a Common Father. On a bad day, I’m an agnostic.’

That was it. Only the ‘Experiment’ remained, which would also see Gavaert enter into one of the most fantastic, advanced operating theatres in the history of Medicine to date: the Cryogenics Operating Theatre.

* * * *

As you can imagine, there is so much more beyond this point, which you would have to find out for yourself. Be that so, you should have an EDITED glimpse into that C.O.T. scene, after the ‘Experiment’. In doing so, like me when I was writing this book, remember it was no longer Baltimore (B1) present, but his brain in the skull of a donor body. Only when, IF, that body became once more active, in movement, voice and memory, would it become B2; the NEW William John Baltimore.

Gavaert looking down into the Cryocasket that held the potential B2

‘The writer stared down into the casket. It was all rather bright, due to the lights being directly above ……. There, laying out before him, was something akin to a facsimile of a face. It resembled what could, at best, be described as some grotesquely, badly fitting face mask. And the skin; a faint, unnatural colour about it. No matter. Carvel had the necessary skills to perform the odd tweak, make that face more acceptable …. in time…….’

* * * *

Sorry, that’s as far as I go down that route.

How to end this is now the question. My answer is the “Second Evolution”, and that I’ll deal with after lunch.

Stay tuned.


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