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Hello Good People

Back again …. this time with ‘INSANITUS’

This third book is a collection of individual short stories, each complete and of themselves alone (whereas ‘GEORGE’ is made up of fourteen separate stories, but when together, make up one singular, overall story/novel).

I’ve written short ghost/horror stories since the outset of the ‘70s (that’s the 1970s, not the bleedin’ 1870s!!). I have some 68 in total and, last year, began to put them into some sort of order, with an idea they could make up small collections. So, ‘INSANITUS’ is the first such collection.

With the first, I decided to do those stories (novellas, in fact) that I wrote with the “safety catch” off, beginning with ‘BLOOD’. I wanted to do a mood piece, so did so, choosing blood as my subject matter. I went on the search engine Google and typed in the word ‘blood’. What it came up with blew my imagination, giving me with a ‘hook’ to hang my story on. What made it even better was the fact the condition of the tragic ‘hero’ of the piece, designated with the ID of ‘Mister Nobody’ is a genuine one, as was his particular syndrome within the condition: the ‘RENFIELD SYNDROME’. Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ character has more than a vestige of truth/reality about him. Someone behind you can truly stalk, with bloody intent!

‘INSANITUS’ comes out at the end of this November, all things being equal. Whether more follow will be in the lap of the gods.

Finally, there’s ‘ARRIVAL’. A story in verse and prose, telling of the Second Coming’. However, how it’s decided to present it is a matter yet to be resolved. It’s different to any other writings of mine, so has to be truly separate; stand alone.

That’s it. Thank you for your time and patience. I’ll be back!



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