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Hello Good People


I’m marking time at the moment, waiting for a few things to happen. Such being so, I thought I should post a little something on the site. Also, this time around, the Marketing Team at my publisher, AUSTIN MACAULEY, might take a look see, as this site is now being linked into their Press Release set-up. ‘We have the technology’, ‘Beam me up, Scotty’, etc.

Here we go.


The Duchess of Cornwall, back in April of this year, in a National Sunday newspaper, asked adults to read to their children for at least fifteen minutes a day. A few things happened as a result from my side. One, the idea of children using postcards to write little notes to their little friends, either handing the notes over or posting them. We, myself and AUSTIN MACAULEY, have put together a ‘GEORGE’ postcard (from the little dog character from my book of that name). The bottom line of this approach simply being another way of teaching children one of the greatest gifts they shall ever have; what any child will have, no matter what the language. To teach the little ones communication via the WRITTEN word. What words mean, how to chose them, construct a sentence (‘thoughts in words’). WORDS: one of the DNA strands of human communication. For the little ones, just FUN! I’ll let you know how it pans out.

A & B

If you stood A alongside B, then took A’s brain and put it in B, and B’s brain into A, which then would be A and which then would be B?

Where be the soul?

Where might our soul be located within our body? The gonads? Let’s not go there! The heart? Bernard proved to the world that the heart was but a wondrous pump. So, what about the brain (my vote)? If so, in transplanting a living human brain, would the neurosurgeon not also be transferring the soul from one human being and into another? Now THAT would be playing God! (See my book ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’).

How many beings within a HUMAN being?

In literature, we’ve had Jekyll and Hyde.

In theatre and on film, the actor in his/her professional life is many beings within his/her single being.

In Medicine, there is the tragic condition known as ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’.

And the first such ‘separation’ on record?

Dare I suggest the Holy Trinity?

Right, on that controversial note, TTFN!*


* It means ‘Ta Ta for now’ (the late Jimmy Young).

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