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Hello Good People

A little marking of time, as I await the return of my ‘INSANITUS’ manuscript from the publisher, who’s been going through their proof read of same. I then get it back, check for myself once more, then back to them and thence to the printers. Bit like a literary game of tennis, really. Mind you, they are good, shield me from making a total ass of myself re grammar and stuff.

There was a chance I’d be at some literary gathering at a library, along with other authors. Due to space restrictions, the library had to pick and choose. I didn’t make the cut. Mind you, not being the youngest or fittest of bunnies, I would have felt a little like Lazarus flogging his tome ‘How I beat the grave’! Mind you, wouldn’t mind talking about writing horror stories …. from my viewpoint.

Also, I’m moving at a tangent to writing at present, of course, what with doing my little bit towards encouraging our little ones to learn the joy (and practical need and use of) WORDS.

If you have kids of your own, or teach them (especially at Primary level), why don’t you try the postcard approach? Get some postcards, give them to your kids, and those you teach and professionally care for, writing little notes on them (the postcards, that is, not the kids!!), and invite them to answer in a like manner and return the postcards to you. Also, for them to do likewise to their little friends. Remember, it’s teaching the little ones about one form of communication – via the written word. Try it, see what happens.

AUSTIN MACAULEY (mainly in the shape of Janine and Thomas) continue to look after me …. and ‘GEORGE’. And ‘INSANITUS’ comes out in November, and sure as Hell itself, ‘GEORGE’ it ain’t!

Well, enjoy your weekend, and end it with a book. Book? Week? End? Geggit!?


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