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Thought you guys should see this. PT J

From: Pete [mailto:fox.pro@btinternet.com]
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2018 7:53 AM
To: ‘Thomas Evans’; ‘Janine Hornsby’; ‘Amanda Harrison’; ‘Vinh Tran’
Cc: ‘maria kasapis’; ‘Huw Jeffrey’
Subject: ‘INSANITUS2’

Hello Good People

Just to let you know, ‘INSANITUS2’ will bring my writings to a close. So, that will be four books in all (‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, ‘GEORGE’ (good ol’ George!), ‘INSANITUS’ and ‘INSANITUS2’. The Verse Story, ‘ARRIVAL’ is being privately printed. That’ll be it. I will have got out there those writings I wanted out there, and all within five years. Rock on AUSTIN MACAULEY and all therein!



‘ARRIVAL’ closer

Hello Good People

Been a bit busy of late. Apologies.

My story ‘ARRIVAL’ (in verse and prose) is at last in ‘hard’ print-off form via my laptop. Soon it will be sent, via email, to my printer to be, as the term has it, ‘privately printed’. It’s far too small to be a book as such, so not in AUSTIN MACAULEY’s league. However, let’s see what happens. Some 200 to 500 will be with me a few weeks before Easter 2019. It may cause some interest!

For the rest, ‘INSANITUS’ looms. Eek!!


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