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‘INSANITUS’ Revised publication date

Hello You Lovely People

In view of my “crowded schedule” for January (in truth, my pending hernia operation – and stop sniggering at the back!), the Production Manager of AUSTIN MACAULEY, suggests that a FEBRUARY (end of) publication date would make more sense. Also, that it will give Marketing more time to bang the drum pre-publication date on behalf of ‘INSANITUS’.

As Vinh also points out, of itself, January is always on life support as opposed to actually dead, as the UK struggles to get back into working mode, not to mention resuscitate its collective wallet and purse.

All this makes sense, but being the cowardly little shit that I am, I’ve left the ultimate decision to Vinh. Mind you, to placate him, I did offer my hernia to him as a gift: can’t understand why he seems to have declined the offer, by way of mute response!

Thinking back to ‘GEORGE’ and the November release, it didn’t allow much time for the little fella to get traction and take-off. With ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’, we thought the Italian Neurosurgeon, Canavaro, was about to perform the world’s first living human brain transplant in the same month the book was published. He didn’t, so we didn’t get a big publication send-off.

With ‘GEORGE’ and this Christmas period, the next sales return may prove more promising. The more so as Janine and Thomas have given the little fella’s butt a good shove. No, NO, the bleedin’ dog’s, not mine!

That’s it. I’m off to nurse my hernia and publication disappointment.


PS: Anybody wanna hernia (going cheap!)?

PPS: If anyone dare suggests a ‘hernia belt’, they’re off my next Christmas list!!


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