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Hello Good People


Yesterday, I completed the last proof read of my third book to be published come the end of this February. It’s a collection of five horror story novellas. It’s now totally in the hands of my publisher. I just don’t know how their Production people can process a countless number of books each year.

I now sit back and await the next task: resting, and then having a …. hernia op!! No rest for the wicked.


PT to Meet ‘Mack the Knife’!

Hello Good People

Sorry for a somewhat prolonged absence. I have a hernia and, as a result, sooner rather than later, I’ll have a date with the surgeon. There has to be a horror story of some sort in there somewhere!

I have spent the last two days doing one of my least favourite writing jobbies: proof reading my own handiwork; my third book, ‘INSANITUS’. Still, all done and, all things being equal, it will be published at the end of this February.

That’s it. Oh yes, Happy New Year!!


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