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Hello Good People

I’ve done back-to-back 6am to 11pm days, putting ‘INSANITUS2’ together, sending the complete manuscript over to the publisher. On my laptop, it comes out at 178 pages, and 63,045 words over the 12 stories; a mix of novellas and short stories. All of this whilst still getting my act together after the op. Hey-ho. I’d like to get ‘INSAN2’ out in time for this year’s Halloween. They’re ghost/horror stories.

It seems that I might get my vignette, ‘ARRIVAL’, published in time for Easter this year.

Never a dull moment, even for an old fart like me!




Hello Good People

Almost two weeks since the hernia op, and I’m beginning to get my bearings again. I had forgotten that I hadn’t had a full-blown operation since I was in my teens, and the two Pacemakers in later life, and which were fitted via local anesthetic. Still, onwards and upwards.

I’m still involved with my second hernia; the time wait on the publishing front. Two counts: ‘ARRIVAL’ and ‘INSANITUS’. The latter, as you know, comes out at the end of this March. As to the former, ‘ARRIVAL’, well that’s still in the melting pot. I still hope to see it published sometime this year. What’s it about? If I forgot to mention it, try The Second Coming.

Well, I continue on my sabbatical, in the wish of things to be.




Hello You Lovely People

Sorry I that I haven’t been in touch for a little while; been in hospital for a hernia op. Just a day job, last Saturday. Out on the Sunday (as I hadn’t arranged to be picked up, so they wouldn’t let me loose on my own). Bit sore and tired, but that was all. Mind you, the bloody plaster pulls at the skin. On that point, this wimp is not a happy wimp.

I signed off the manuscript of my third book last night. The next time I see it, it will be in its published form (end of March, 2019). It took five proof reads. No wonder I was tired. In the end it was like chewing on a chunk of old, “tired” meat!

So, now I’m sitting back for awhile. I will be hoping that come the end of March I will be helping to launch two of my literary efforts; ‘INSANITUS’ (the book) and a Vignette – ‘ARRIVAL’. We shall see.

Hope and trust you are all well and in good spirits. So, up and away: onwards and upwards!!


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