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Hello Good People….

….. of which, it seems, there are 129 who kindly read my scribbles on my blog site.

Friday gone was something of an anti-climax, as I’d been hoping to have been told what my latest literary effort looked like in print: ‘INSANITUS’ (‘INSAN’) for short. However, it was only published on that day, and copies hadn’t been distributed within AUSTIN MACAULEY (AM). Silly me. Always jumping the gun. So, from tomorrow, the fun and games will (should) begin.

My writing has, as such, run its course, but not the business of. This means I’m now into the area of post publishing; this time with ‘INSAN’. Also, waiting in the wings, ‘ARRIVAL’ (The Second Coming!).

Last week, when speaking with my AM “minder” in Marketing, Thomas, he spoke of ‘INSAN’, and in particular, the first novella therein, ‘BLOOD’. Quite a heavy number, dude! He kindly said he enjoyed it, but that he himself couldn’t write it, albeit he himself is a Cambridge English graduate, who had covered Gothic literature as part of his degree studies. It made me think. So, herewith, a little peek for you all into my weird and wonderful (!?) writing world.

‘BLOOD’ is about an unidentified, and very bloody corpse, referred to by the investigating Police Commander as ‘Mister Nobody’. I tell the story twice. First in a conventional style, with, hopefully, a slightly light touch, relying on the why and wherefore of his demise to supply the “distant” horror and gravitas. In the second part, I give full account as to the why of it all, and full-on. Only, this time, from the deceased himself; from his own lips, so to speak, via his own mind: via soliloquy. Why? In truth, I wanted to write a “mood” piece, Gothic style.

I needed a subject. And, where horror is concerned, what better than BLOOD!? I didn’t know much on that score, so took a look on Google. I needed a ‘hook’. That’s to say, a storyline. Did I find one? Didn’t I just. A whole bloody cloakroom full. A genuine medical condition concerning blood and …. the mind. Even better, it isn’t known that well to the general populace at large. Better still, it also provides a certain legitimacy to one that lurks within the realm of Gothic horror; courtesy of a mad Irishman and someone once said to be ‘mad, mad and dangerous to know’!

That’s it. I hope I’ve piqued your interest. Enough to buy the book, sit back, lower the lights and proceed to scare yourselves shitless!!

Oh yes, don’t forget, if you feel so inclined to jot a critique, go onto INTERNET EXPLORER, and type in:


Then click on ‘Review’ and do your thing.




Hello Good People

‘INSANITUS’ was officially published in the UK this morning, with International publishing of same tomorrow.

So, in the next week or so, I will be sending out copies of ‘INSANITUS’ to the usual suspects!

Any of you have also read (??) ‘PROM’ and ‘GEORGE’, and who might might care to give written comment, along with my latest effort, below are the instructions on how to do so: below:

Go on to INTERNET EXPLORER and type in the following …..


Then hit ‘ENTER’. Up comes the page. Click on ‘REVIEW’ and the box opens, you then write your piece on the one … maybe even the 3 books …. then hit the ‘ENTER’ (or ‘SEND’)key, I guess.

That’s it, really. ‘ARRIVAL’ (my ‘literary vignette’ about the Second Coming) will be published by PEGASUS PUBLISHING this coming November/December of this year.

It’s all go on the treadmill to fame and fortune …. and at 76 come June 30th!!




Hello Good People

Come this December, Pegasus Publishing (who specialise in Poetry & Verse) will publish ‘ARRIVAL’. It will be produced as a single work, as and of itself alone, just as I had the privately printed one done. They will target the area (City) in which it came into being (LONDON!), and when it has gained traction they will do a second print and spread the distribution further afield.

As you know, ‘INSANITUS’ comes out this weekend. If I’m still around, I hope to have ‘INSANITUS2’ out this time next year, and that will be me done. So, tally ho and up and at ‘em!!


Chaos reigns with 2 weeks to go

Hello Good People

As you’ll note, it’s Saturday morning – early! Yesterday was somewhat chaotic, as I had three electricians in my little (Council) flat, doing a check-up of my electrics. At the same time I was talking to Thomas, the Assistant Marketing Manager at my publishers, AUSTIN MACAULEY. Why? My usual week-ending catch-up, only this time, in the knowledge that my first collection of horror stories is just two weeks from publication.

How odd. By my choice alone, although I began my writings in the horror genre, this is my first foray into it since I joined forces with AUSTIN MACAULEY. It also transpires, on doing a tally up, I have written some 63 such stories since 1971-1972. A mix of novellas and short stories to be exact. Along with two books and a vignette. The latter, ‘ARRIVAL’, will be published around Nov/Dec of this year. It’s a ‘Second Coming’ story, in Verse & Prose.

It all gets a little weird, as, in the eventual ‘INSANITUS2’, amidst some 12 stories, will be 2, as I explain them, ‘schoolboy disgusting’ very short stories, titled ‘BLOW’ and ‘BOGEY’ respectively. I’ll leave your imaginations to work that one out! I was telling Thomas I thought a Simon Callow rendition of same on next year’s ‘RED NOSE DAY’ would go down a treat!

The chaos? I was so busy on the ‘phone to Thomas, I waved the electricians on their way once they were done, only to find that my gas boiler had ceased to work. It also seemed that neither the gas nor electrical people were the ones to repair it! However, one of the electrician’s is returning on Monday to sort things out. The ultimate irony? All three electricians are Chelsea fans, whereas I a Man U man!! Hey-ho. Who would a writer be?

I think I’ll see one more ‘INSANITUS’ collections into print and that will be that. Mind you, AUSTIN MACAULEY (through Thomas) now has copies of all my writings. So, maybe I will yet come back to haunt you …. in print! But not just yet awhile.

And, in closing, please don’t forget to send your comments on ‘INSANITUS’ (should you get to read it), once you have the email address as to where to send them. Maybe along with anything else of mine you may have read; ‘PROMETHEUSASCENDING’ and ‘GEORGE’.

For now, that’s it.



That’s it.


Hello Good People

Well, it’s all starting to warm up, and I’ll be asking for your input.

‘INSANITUS’ comes out at the end of this month, and my publisher, AUSTIN MACAULEY, will be asking for my friends and followers (on this blog site) to be so kind as to write a critique on the book, and anything else of mine you may have read (‘PROMETHEUS ASENDING’ and/or the ‘GEORGE’ stories).

I’ll give you the details of the site they should be sent to when I know.

I now also know I have written 64 ‘INSANITUS’ stories, going back to c1972. Eek!

My vignette, ‘ARRIVAL’, may be published before this year is out, but not through AM, as it is a long poem, and not their genre.

That’s it. Have a good day.


All good things

Hello Good People

Probably by the end of this week, I will have some definitive news for you re my literary efforts over the years. Good? Bad? Indifferent? You will decide. Have a good day. PT

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