William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.

La Ronde!

Hello Good People

It goes on and on, ala Ronde! The roundabout of a writer’s life.

It seems my publisher, AUSTIN MACAULEY (AM) have set up a little W PT blog site for me, so allowing me to do what I do here, on my own personal little blog site. So, when I’ve learnt how to use it, I’ll be a double blogger!

On the more immediate creative front:

Soon I will have some more posters. Some for ‘INSANITUS’, some for ‘WORDSWORK’ GEORGE.

As to the latter, it’s George as a messenger, passing on the request The Duchess of Cornwall made in a newspaper article earlier in the year: Read to the children – at least 15-minutes a day!

When possible, and with obvious expert help, I’ll try and put this poster on to this blog site.

As to actual writing …. I’m in the middle of writing a final novella and will complete a trilogy on a particular storyline. In the course of this endeavour, yet again I awoke from a night’s sleep and, in the semi-conscious mindset, came up with an answer to a very difficult plot sequence. Dare I paraphrase: ‘The mind is mightier than the sword!’?

Right, that’s it. Have a great Bank Holiday, contact you again soon.



NB: I note May leaves in June!

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