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Two for the price of one!

Saturday, 15 June, 2019. PT’s own blog site

Hello Good People

re: The above dateline: it’s designed to make the distinction between my own little blog site and my AUSTIN MACAULEY (AM) ‘INSANITUS’ blog site.

AM have forwarded some of my early postings on my blog site onto the new (AM) ‘INSANITUS’ blog site, and will continue to “double up on mine until I get the hang of things (my being all but IT illiterate!).

Also, AM have agreed with my idea to open up a two-way communication, allowing YOU to reply as and when to my blog scribbles. To any who may be of the abusive bent, forget it. At 76, I’ve been there, seen it and had it. I simply ignore it. If I have a number of replies dealing with a particular aspect, I’ll do one all-embracing posting to cover them.

Right, you can email me at:


That’s it. Let communication begin!


( W PT is my abbreviated pen-name; as in William P Thomson)

That OK, bosses? Hey, that’s you, Thomas, and you, Lotte!!

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