William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.

He’s coming!

Hello Good People

Sorry I haven’t pained your eyes with my wordage for a little while. Slightl problem with my gallstones, if that’s the correct terminology. And stop laughing at the back!

Right, something of a little different fare; verse and prose. In October, my literary vignette, ‘ARRIVAL’, is to be publish. Not by AUSTIN MACAULEY, but another, who specialises quite specifically in this line of literary endeavour. AM have been very generous in their support in this, as they freely admit it isn’t really their ‘bag’, to use the modern parlance.

PEGASUS ELLIOTT McKENZIE are taken it on. Good on them also, as it proves it’s not all cut, thrust and blood between publishers. AM and PEG are both located in Cambridge. Must be something in their water!

In a moment, I will present the opening verse of ‘ARRIVAL’. If you want to make any comment, help yourself. My email address is:


Here we go:

Let a hypothesis be put to you

The content of which is nothing new

That one day

In this modern Godless age

A Messiah figure were to arrive

How long might he stay

How long allowed to stay alive

That’s it.


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