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‘The BoCheK Tales’ Series 1

Sunday, 16 September, 2012

‘The BoCheK Tales’ Series 1

Hello, good people, I told you I’d be back.

The only book I have on Amazon-Kindle at the moment is Series 1 of ‘The BoCheK Tales’. Eight rather weird, tongue-in-cheek, sometimes “naughty” little Tales for your pleasure. Essentially, it’s a fun collection. Series 2 will be of much darker fare.

It has been suggested that I tell you all a little more about each ‘Tale’ in this first Series. I did mention them some months ago, but only a few, and in the most general terms. Here I shall be a little more specific. Here we go:

Tale 1: Blow!

I had this festering in my brain for quite a long time before committing it to paper, some years ago. A fellow had a most unfortunate gift; that of being able to play a post horn, not by way of mouth, but by way of rectum! Also, he could only manage one tune, which was, appropriately, ‘The Post Horn Gallop’!! Alack and Alas, in doing this wondrous thing, much wind and heat was generated, with rather unfortunate results.

Tale 2: Chopsticks.

This sad little ‘Tale’ relates the tragedy that occurred when a would-be-Shirley Temple was given a piano to play with. She only mastered (and that’s an exaggeration) the age-old tune ‘Chop-sticks’. Whilst mother was as pleased as only a mother could be, daddy was not so impressed – after the 100th playing of the said tune. Not to put too fine a point on it, he went quite mad, and the result of that was not exactly nice!

Tale 3: Cowboy.

Father loved cowboys, as did his son. Father loved Gary Cooper, as much as the son hated him. The issue was resolved, after a fashion, in dream. Mother wasn’t best pleased. Mmmmmmmmm!

Tale 4: Stuffed!

This is the ‘Tale’ of a taxidermist who stuffed things ….. anything and everything. He made Norman Bates seem like a Choirboy by comparison.

Tale 5: Van.

I wrote this when an Aussie friend who was working in London told me of a problem she had. She and her friends had bought a second hand “people van”. By the time they’d finished with it, it wasn’t even of value as scrap metal. It had to be all but given away. On hearing this, I came up with a ‘Tale’: Van. Only my little van did not take kindly to someone about to take a hammer and blow torch to it, so sort of, kind of ….. fought back!

Tale 6: Nasty.

Another sad little ‘Tale’ of a father not getting on with his son. The more so as the former was a rough, down-to-earth person, and the latter was into things …… magic. And not just any old magic, but black magic. Into this equation came a sweet little goldfish, whom father christened ‘Nasty’. And that is how the ‘Tale’ itself became …. nasty. Very nasty.

Tale 7: Tube.

Another ‘Tale’ based, in the extreme, on a reality. A friend at work did not like tube trains too much. And the Northern Line, in particular. Such being so, I wrote the ‘Tale’ of a Northern Line tube train that made for a somewhat different, Hellish kind of journey.

Tale 8: ‘Lovebody and Blue’.

The last ‘Tale’ in this first Series is somewhat tongue-in-cheek lewd and blue, if you get my meaning. For some, it will tarnish the reputation of The Cafe le Grande and a world renowned Medical institution. To others, it would elevate them to the Land of Lust for the Gods! More than that I cannot reveal here, as it may give pacemakers pause for thought and truly overload our wonderful and rightly venerated National Health Service. And the Cafe le Grande? It will certainly give one food for thought, and that’s putting it mildly!

Well, I hope that’s titillated your taste buds. Now all you have to do is eat; that’s to say, buy and read, and all for the princely sum of £1.99p.



‘BROTHER MIND’, ‘SHADOWMAN’, Albert Camus and I

Sat. 15 Sept. 2012

‘BROTHER MIND’, ‘SHADOWMAN’, Albert Camus and I

And that hoary old chestnut again – the Duality of Man.

Hello, Good People.

Thak you to those who have been complimentary to my scribble about my horror novella ‘SHADOWMAN’. Also, early on Friday evening, I had read another of my short stories (just 35 pages long). It was also horror, only more so, because the sort of person I wrote about is a reality. They really do exist, are out there, and do the things that they do. When (and if) caught, they appear to be ordinary, even mundane. No ‘Hannibal Lecter’ they. And yet, by the look of their eyes, the words they speak and the signature of their crimes, it is quite evident that they are not as we. They inhabit a different place. Their very own, very real Hell on earth, but seldom know it. The story’s entitled ‘BROTHER MIND’. It tells of his crime and the consequence. I don’t name him, give him a history. He is of the moment, as is his crime. He is a schizo-psycho-sociopath. He didn’t ask to be, he simply was. Others can debate if he was formed by nature or nurture.

As to the why of the writing. Well, a long time ago I read a story by Albert Camus, the French existentialist writer and Nobel prize winner. The novel was called ‘The Outsider’. What I loved about it (what I can remember, that is) was the clarity of the story, almost straight through, A to Z. However, there was deviation towards the end. At the time of reading it, I thought to myself ‘I’ll ‘ave some of that!’ One day I will write a story; crystal clear, concise, no deviation. Well, years later I did: ‘BROTHER MIND’. Even so, I have to confess, I did deviate just a little, in the last few pages. In passing, I would suggest, it can only be attempted if one has a “simple” tale to tell.

When will ‘BROTHER MIND’ go on to Kindle? One day. One day.


Latest entry for William P Thomson’s blog site

Hello Amazon-Kindle users,

Well, the wonderful lady who prepares my writings to go on Kindle has suggested I get off my butt and write something else for my blog site. When SWMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed) ‘suggests’, it tends to mean DO! So, in a gesture to appease, I’ve suggested I do one ‘something’ a month. So, here comes one for August.

What’s in a name?

As those of you who write for pleasure or professionally know, having a pen-name is one ‘tool’ one can use. My name is Peter Thomson. Sometime in the early ‘70s I took up the pen-name BoCheK. I won’t bore you with why I came up with that one. Suffice to say, I did. The first small set of stories I got on the old Capital Radio’s ‘Moment of Terror’ series was under my own name. It gave me a little buzz. After all, it was my name. In the mid-‘70s I had another small set of ‘BoCheK Tales’ broadcast (four, I think). The first two still under my own name, the last couple under the ‘BoCheK’ name. I should say, they were not under the collective ‘BoCheK Tales’ title. When those last two ‘Tales’ were broadcast, under my pen-name, the experience was buzz-less. After that, all the ‘Tales’ I wrote were under the ‘BoCheK Tales’ banner, although none were broadcast here in the UK. Fast forward to the beginning of this year – 2012 – and SWMBO had taken my literary efforts in hand. As she prepared Series 1 of ‘The BoCheK Tales’ to go on Kindle, she asked me ‘Who’s BoCheK’? I don’t think she grasped the fact it was my pen-name. As a result, I found myself describing a strange storyteller character called BoCheK. It has to be said, I’d already decided to ditch it as a pen-name and use my own name – in a slightly different order: William P Thomson. Someone said it made me sound like a successful author. Smart ass! So, there you go.


I’m sure those of you who write go through changes with the plots and characters you create, right? Tongue firmly in cheek, a book I’ve written and refer to as my magnum opus, simply because it took me almost 40 years to sort out, was titled ‘The Carvel Experiment’ for all but the last few months prior to it going forward to, hopefully, going on to Kindle, but now titled ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. I’m now into the third story of the second and final series of the ‘GEORGE’ stories (‘tales for young adults’). I have just decided to change the eventual ending of the series, via the ending of the last story. I guess that’s because I’m always writing …. in my mind. Sound familiar? Hey-ho, who would a writer be – right!?

That’s it. Thanks for reading this, those that have, that is.

William P Thomson

Watch out!!

Hello Young Adults ……… GEORGE IS ON HIS WAY. And when you read about him, you just won’t believe what you’re reading!!!

Hello Amazon-Kindle users …. ‘The BoCheK Tales’ have arrived ….

Hello Amazon-Kindle users.  ‘The BoCheK Tales’ have just arrived on, and a lot more are to follow. In this first batch (Series 1), there are 8 ‘Tales’, for less than £1.99.   I have written a few of them very much tongue-in-cheek, and of a certain sort of smutty schoolboy hue. The really dark stuff will arrive in Series 2. In this first series, you have the following: ‘Blow!’ (You’ll never listen to ‘The Post Horn Gallop’ the same way again!); ‘Chopsticks’ (Don’t you just cringe when little kiddies murder the piano playing this, and wish you could do something about it?!); ‘Cowboy’ (Not always good to dream about ‘em); ‘Stuffed’ (There’s more than one place to park a bike!); ‘Van’ (Buying one is one thing, getting rid of it something else again); ‘Nasty’ (No way to treat a little fish); ‘Tube’ (You might think twice about using the Northern Line after this!); ‘Lovebody and Blue’ (Surprising what one might get on the good ol’ NHS!). That’s it. If you do read them, thank you very much. And I take this opportunity to thank Dionne for getting me on Kindle, and doing all the boring ‘technical’ stuff. Bring back the quill pen I say! Take care. William P Thomson. J

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