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I need a shrink!

Hello Good People

It’s quite hectic this end. I’m juggling one published book (‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’), and trying to get another one (‘GEORGE’) accepted. On the one hand, I have Carvel jigging with Frankenstein, on the, George playing St. George with his chums. I think I need a Psychiatrist!

WATCH OUT: You may see a special posting via AUSTIN MACAULEY, my publisher.

Right, that’s it. Stay tuned.



Hello Good People

Go on then, how many New Year’s resolutions have you driven a coach and horses through already?

I’m somewhat busy at the moment, getting new windows put in at my flat (courtesy of the Council, I hasten to add), and overseeing the illustration for the book ‘GEORGE’ being completed. Everything now depends on the publisher making the decision to publish or not, as the case may be. I think I’ll get an answer c Feb/March.

That’s it, really. The wonderful, exciting, fun-filled, action-packed life of an author: NOT!

That’s it.



We’re in …..

Hello Good People.

Well, we’re in; maybe the brown stuff, most certainly the New Year.

I now await on my publisher, to see if they will go with ‘GEORGE’.

For me, it’s a case of treading water and having a deserved break.

May you all have the best of 2017, and may it be all that each of you would wish. Mind you, as they say, be careful what you wish for …. you may get it!




Hello Good People


If you want a particularly boring I.T. chore, try going through 3,000 DELETED emails (in the Delete field). Don’t ask why!!

I have a new Media Coordinator on my case …. oops, I mean my book! …. but she’s good. ‘GEORGE’is fast looming, but I don’t think I’ll get a decision from my publisher (if they’ll go with it) until around Feb/March time. However, I am still having various illustrations done by an outstanding Illustrator: Finola Stack. Later, I’ll try and put them on this blog site.

Right, that’s it. Drink loads, stuff yourselves silly, and stuff the scales until January. And thank you for staying with me and my ramblings!



Even Slow is Fast!

Hello Good People

I may have mentioned that I’m in the process of writing another short story. I decided to take my time, working on it over the December/January period. It seems I’m already moving towards completion. I suppose, in writing terms, my slow writing is still fast. Hey-ho.

On the ‘PROM’ side of things, it still trundles on. Sometime this week I’ll be at the Bank to see if there are any royalties residing in my account. I’m not holding my breath!

‘GEORGE’ is now being judged. The verdict to publish or not will not be forthcoming until Feb/March next year. The suspense it not evident within me, so not, as yet, killing me. Thankful for small mercies, although some others may not agree. I’m still having illustrations done, and Finola Stack is doing a fantastic job. For that, I’d love her work to have a wider audience, if no other reason.

That is it, save to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR, and thank you for taking the time in reading my little scribbles.


Round Two! Could be interesting.

Hello Good People

It’s now round two for me, as I have just submitted by second book to the publisher: ‘GEORGE’.

What’s also weird, I’m not able to read my own postings on the site, as my whatever it is, is down at the present. Hey-ho.


From Kat to Carvel

I hate technology!!

Hello Good People

I hate technology. Hassle with my Broadband, hassle with my emails field.

Not all bad news; my Mind’sFlight website has now registered 17,000 ‘hits’.

They’re still marketing my book and I’m preparing my next book – ‘GEORGE’ – to be submitted in June 2017, in time for it to have a Christmas launch’. Even Luddites can be optimistic.



icon-envelope-tick-round-orange-animated-tick-v1.gif Virus-free. www.avast.com


Hello Good People

Oops, forgive my absence from the site. I became rather busy, then just plain forgetful.

In part, it’s because I am in the thick of writing a short story, which might yet become a novella.

One strange thing. I had to drop the second part of the double ending to the ‘GEORGE’ stories, as even I had to admit, it was too dark. The good thing, for me, is that I will be using it in the present story I’m working on. It’s the first time I have bailed out of something I’ve written in almost forty years. Mmmm.

‘PROM’ goes on. It is now really in the lap of the gods, the public and the Marketing department of AUSTIN MACAULEY as to how far it will progress in terms of sales. At least until Canavero does his thing – next year – if at all. For ‘Marketing’, read the name Kathryn, as she’s the young lady now doing the biz, since Ellie’s departure. The transition from the one to the other has felt seamless, and Kathryn is well into it and doing just fine. Where does AM find them!?

MIND’SFLIGHT rolls on. The website has now recorded almost 17,000 ‘hits’. It’s steady progress, nothing spectacular.

Right, it’s back to the salt mines for me.

Take care, and I’ll try not to leave it so long before the next posting.



Hello You Good People


We may be approaching show time. On the above programme this morning, there was a big piece about Canavero and his proposed head transplant. I was in the kitchen de-frosting the bloody fridge (!!), so missed all but the last few seconds of it, catching just enough to get the gist of what it had been about. I ‘phoned the ITV studio and, as a result, my publisher is getting out a copy of ‘PROM’ (which the programme should get today), as tomorrow there is a second part of the piece. So, it’s just possible I’ll either be there to participate directly, or more likely via a phone link. Mind you, I may be invited to go forth and indulge in sex and travel! We’ll see. This morning, it was Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid presenting the programme.



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