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Hi, Finola.

Bless. Brilliant. I was even able to print off a copy for myself, and I still just love his idiotic bunnie slippers to bits! What do YOU think of the finished article, the message? I checked with AUSTIN MACAULEY, and this poster-to-be is still covered re Copyright, protecting the publisher, and both me and you. This is a non-financial exercise for me, and I thank you for the spirit of your participation in it. I will email over copies to The Literacy Trust and to The Department of Educcation. I hope they use ‘WORDSWORK GEORGE’ for and to the cause. I’ll keep you posted. Get in there, George!! 🙂 PT



Hello Good People

Hopefully, in the next month or so, dear old ‘GEORGE’ is going to earn his corn (in a manner of speaking).

Early on in this year, the Duchess of Cornwall penned an article for a newspaper, in which she asked that people (parents) read to their younger children at least fifteen minutes a day. This because of the terrible statistic as to the number of young who can barely read, if at all.

As a result, I penned a few verses and, with the blessing and help of my publisher (AUSTIN MACAULEY), and had them printed on a ‘GEORGE’ bookmarker.

Times moved on. I’m looking at a ‘GEORGE’ poster opposite me, on the wall of my living room. Another “light bulb” moment; a question. ‘Why not involve ‘GEORGE’ further.

This time, it would involve just myself and the wonderful woman who did the illustration of ‘GEORGE’: FINOLA STACK.

I set about describing, in detail, a sort of “doppelganger” GEORGE. And this is what I have been doing over the last few days. Once complete, and in due course, this different ‘GEORGE’ would be put on a poster and presented to one and all …. as a figurehead champion for the cause of getting parents and others to read to young children for at least 15 minutes a day.

Neither my name nor Finola’s will be on the poster, nor any kind of commercial tag. Only George and the message!

At one point, Finola pointed out there were too many words to go on the George figure. A problem. Again, as I looked once more to my GEORGE poster, and so saw the answer. With just the illustration of ‘WORDSWORK’ George on the new poster, it would leave plenty of surrounding space around the little fella.

And the words?

‘WORDSWORK’. As written, a word play on the name of one of England’s greatest Romantic poets – WORDSWORTH. ‘WORDSWORK’ sounds like Wordsworth. Also, split the name and you have WORDS WORK ….. which they do!

There would be the clock face, denoting in RED, the 15-minutes (between midday and 3pm).

Going down the front of George’s lengthened jerkin, word under word, the words ……




Then, amongst other wordage, the plea:

Please read to children at least 15-minutes a

a day!

When the poster is done, I’ll try, in my cack-handed way, to show the intended item on this blogsite.

That’s it. Have a good day.



Hello Good People


I’ve written in the past about MIND’SFLIGHT (MF), of MINDHORIZON(MH), along with the Hypnogogic and Altered State mindsets.

Well, here comes another one that is from the Hypnogogic or Altered State mindsets, and that I have mentioned before in a different way: SleepWrite.

Around 3am this morning I began to awake. In the most natural way, I’ve come up into the Hypnogogic or Altered state. Within a minute or so, I’m thinking about another piece of writing I’m preparing and, from that, ideas, words, approaches enter my mind. I now sleep with a student notepad and biro on my bedside table. So, three or four times, I jot a word or sentence down, then roll back to snooze …. until the next thought/inspiration arrives, and once more reach for my biro. Then it was done. I fell into sleep, not waking until just before 8am. I checked what I’d written. It was readable, made sense. Now this approach can be useful. Ask any advertising copywriter, trying for the next inspiration of words to sell a product or service. Most have yellow pads (post-it stickers) to me and thee by their bed for that express purpose. However, as said previously, be careful, be wary, as breaking into your sleep too much, too often, is courting nature’s wrath.

Right, on that cheerful note, have a good day!



Hello Good People

I learnt a solitary lesson last night and in the early hours of today. I was of a mind that I had written a particular story, and that it had actually been published in ‘INSANITUS’. It wasn’t so. I was ahead of myself. Ye gods! Still, at 6am this morning, I got it all sorted. As I have noted in the past, who would a writer be?

So, ‘INSANITUS’ is now out there: published. Go on Internet Explorer, type in William P Thomson’s ‘INSANITUS’, then hit ‘ENTER’, and details will come up on the screen. When, IF you purchase and read a copy, please feel free to write your own review. The publisher is now cranking up the promotional machine to spread the word: mmmmmm!

My next published piece will be altogether entirely different fare: my vignette ‘ARRIVAL’.

Have a good day.


Stand by

Hello Good People

Sorry, I haven’t been in touch for a little while. Not the fittest of bunnies at the moment. Methinks my psyche is throwing a wobbly as I approach my 76th year. D’OH! L

Next week I will be acquainted with my very own author website, as will the other authors who are under the AUSTIN MACAULEY aegis. I’ll let you know when it’s up and running for me, and give you the address. For now, it’s as per normal.

A lot has been going on, as we now begin the promotional slog on ‘INSANITUS’. And in the not too distant future, ‘ARRIVAL’ looms.

Right, I’m off for a snooze. Will be in touch again soon.

Cheers, and thank you for your patience.


Hello Readers All!

Hello Readers All.

This did not register with the http address, Thomas. L

That’s to say, those who are kind enough to follow my all my little rambles on my own little website and, I now hope can be seen on the AUSTIN MACAULEY website, that has been set up for me, and my fellow authors who are also under the publisher’s aegis. It has been suggested that I do a post on my AM website once a week, on a Friday. I think that a very good idea. Amongst other things, it will keep me regular …. in my postings, that is! And on a Friday afternoon, which means I can report all the events (if any) that have befallen me in the week.

So, let this be my first dual-posting (if it works). If this inaugural posting works, my next will be next Friday, by which time I shall inform you of two weeks of ‘happenings’ …. or not, as the case could equally be. Oh, the joy of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude, that is!).

That’s it. I’m going to try putting my Smiley face, but it’s never worked on my Mapo address. We’ll see.


Book trailer

Hello Good People. I’m crap in things I.T., so I can only hope you’ll be able to bring up the attached onto your screens. Also, IF you read ‘INSANITUS’, please feel free to write a critique on ….. https://www.austinmacauley.com/book/insanitus’ Scroll down to ‘REVIEW’, type in your piece and SEND. Cheers, PT

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Dear William

We have created a book trailer for your book Insanitus.

Please click on the link below to see your book trailer. If you like it then please send me an email of approval and we will publish it on our you tube channel, website and social media feeds.


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Either, Either, Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off!

Hello Good People

I’m having problems regarding pain; which is caused by ailments of a medical nature, or simply old age? Still, pain is pain, so I just get on with it. On a bad day, I make use of my walking stick, and in the process, leave the bleedin’ thing in shops!!

On the writing front, I have just finished sending out copies to friends and associates. Thus far, just one ‘review’ on ‘INSANITUS’. Hey Ho. Onwards and upwards.




Hello Good People

It’s been all go today. I actually got my “special” Edition (25 in total) of ‘INSANITAS.

What makes them special is the one-word title. It’s blood-red in colour and, if you move the book in daylight, or under a light, the letters seem to move. Actually, the light is passing over the letters. Real cool.

Even the title on the non-special copies will look good, but not quite like that.

As to content, I can’t comment, as I wrote it, so am too close to it. The presentation of the book is, as usual, excellent.

Don’t forget, if you want to write your own review (IF you buy and read ‘INSANITUS’), just do the following:

Go on to INTERNET EXPLORER and type in …..


Then hit ENTER. Up comes the site. Go on to the word ‘REVIEW’, click on that and the page comes up. Just type in your review and then hit ENTER or SEND. That’s it.

The first three stories are full-blown novellas, and each has a factual base to their respective stories:

‘BLOOD’: “Mister Nobody’s” mental condition is REAL. In that, the real, genuine horror.

‘BROTHER MIND’: Such is the way of a genuine psychopath and, in itself, a perfect example of what Carl Gustav Jung cited as our ‘Shadow’ self; our ‘darker nature’.

‘MINDHORIZON’. ‘MIND’SFLIGHT’ is a genuine therapy model to help those suffering real Stress. I put it together some years ago. In the extreme, it can be dangerous. So, with my horror genre writer hat on, I wrote ‘MINDHORIZON’.

‘NORMAN’ and ‘PANDORA’ are interlinking, smaller novellas that, together, make one overall story. It’s a sort of James Bond and Jason Bourne taking on Frankenstein’s ‘Creature’ sort of scenario.

Don’t laugh, the manuscript of ‘INSANITUS2’ is already on its way into Submissions. If AUSTIN MACAULEY is up for it, it will go to Editorial, and from there into Production, and then, eventually, to the Printers. If I’m lucky, it will be published around Feb/March of 2020.

After that, I guess it will be that for me. If I make it that far, I’ll be heading towards my 77th birthday. Hey-ho.

That’s it. Maybe, hopefully, I’ll be able to read whatever you might care to write in the ‘REVIEWS’ page. Mind you, you’d have to read the book first. Sorry about that!



It’s arrived!

Hello You Good People

I have it: ‘INSANITUS’! Got my 25 “Special edition” copies this morning.

Whilst I personally cannot pass comment on the content, the front cover is something else. The RED of the one-word title is stunning. You won’t miss it in the bookshops!

That’s it.



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