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Hello Good People

My cousin, Ian, is now an artist in Belgravia. He’s a sculptor, and a damn fine one at that. Something of a poet also. Maybe I should down pen and pick up a chisel. Be afraid. Be very afraid!



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The Child’s Postcard Concept

Hello Good People

Yes, I know, don’t all faint at once. Two posts on the one day!

I’ve mentioned the postcard re children re WORDS: the reading and writing thereof. However, I’ve not explained in detail, so here it is. If you’re a mum, dad, granddad or nan; Head Teacher, teacher, run a nursery or are involved in a Primary school, perhaps this is something you could think of introducing to the little ones.

Get some kind local printing company to print off some postcards for you. The name and emblem of your school, or nursery, club, whatever, and/or some cuddly little creature on the one side, and on the other, the usual postcard lines configuration: two-thirds of this side given over the message text, the last third to accommodate address and a small space for a stamp (so it can be used in its conventional form also).

You then invite the little ones to write little messages to their friends, or parents, nans and granddads or …. their teachers …. and hand the postcard to the person they have chosen to receive the unexpected honour. The recipient can also, if they wish (by way of encouragement) reply in a like manner.

At the heart of all this – WORDS, one of the greatest gifts that a human being can possess. The second principal means of communication after the spoken word. Indeed, for some, the first!

WORDS: Their meanings, the writing and reading of, and how to construct sentences. In a phrase: how to communicate via the written word.

I close with a few verses I wrote for the ‘GEORGE’ bookmarker:


Read to me

Reveal the Gift

For me to learn by

Understand, communicate by.

Read to me

So that I in turn

Can read to others

Pass on the Gift.

Adults all,

Read to the children.

Give a little of your time,

So they can also possess

The Gift


I wrote the above after reading of the Duchess of Cornwall’s article in the Sunday Express, back in April, in which she asked adults to read to their children for at least fifteen minutes a day.

That’s it.



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Hello Good People …… everywhere!

Still Become the Days

Over the last week I have completed another short story (hopefully destined to eventually appear in ‘SANITUS2’), whilst also concluding some business re words – writing – and children, involving Great Ormond Street Hospital and one certain individual in some other quarter.

So, suddenly, the days are now somewhat quieter for little ol’ me. Mind you, soon I shall be in the middle of the delightful chore of proof-reading ‘SANITUS’. Aaarrgghhhh!! L

That’s it, for now.


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Hello Good People

Well, this little ol’ blog site is now linked into the AUSTIN MACAULEY PR system, and the first Press Release involving this link-up went out a few days ago.

The production people at AUSTIN MACAULEY are still ploughing through the manuscript of ‘INSANITUS’, re the proof reading of.

As to the ‘GEORGE’ postcard project, hopefully by this week’s end, things will have moved on a stage.

I’m close to completing the last story for ‘INSANITUS2’ (collection of horror stories), which will also probably be my last such effort. Who cheered at the back, there!!? The last story in it, ‘ETHEREAL’, contains the most extreme killing sequence I’ve ever written. Ohhhh!

Well, I must away to continue my literary labours. Yeah, right!

Take care, will post again soon.*



* See how I’m getting into the I.T. social media type lingo?

Hello, my lovely AUSTIN MACAULEY media Team!

Thoughts for the day

Hello Good People


I’m marking time at the moment, waiting for a few things to happen. Such being so, I thought I should post a little something on the site. Also, this time around, the Marketing Team at my publisher, AUSTIN MACAULEY, might take a look see, as this site is now being linked into their Press Release set-up. ‘We have the technology’, ‘Beam me up, Scotty’, etc.

Here we go.


The Duchess of Cornwall, back in April of this year, in a National Sunday newspaper, asked adults to read to their children for at least fifteen minutes a day. A few things happened as a result from my side. One, the idea of children using postcards to write little notes to their little friends, either handing the notes over or posting them. We, myself and AUSTIN MACAULEY, have put together a ‘GEORGE’ postcard (from the little dog character from my book of that name). The bottom line of this approach simply being another way of teaching children one of the greatest gifts they shall ever have; what any child will have, no matter what the language. To teach the little ones communication via the WRITTEN word. What words mean, how to chose them, construct a sentence (‘thoughts in words’). WORDS: one of the DNA strands of human communication. For the little ones, just FUN! I’ll let you know how it pans out.

A & B

If you stood A alongside B, then took A’s brain and put it in B, and B’s brain into A, which then would be A and which then would be B?

Where be the soul?

Where might our soul be located within our body? The gonads? Let’s not go there! The heart? Bernard proved to the world that the heart was but a wondrous pump. So, what about the brain (my vote)? If so, in transplanting a living human brain, would the neurosurgeon not also be transferring the soul from one human being and into another? Now THAT would be playing God! (See my book ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’).

How many beings within a HUMAN being?

In literature, we’ve had Jekyll and Hyde.

In theatre and on film, the actor in his/her professional life is many beings within his/her single being.

In Medicine, there is the tragic condition known as ‘Multiple Personality Disorder’.

And the first such ‘separation’ on record?

Dare I suggest the Holy Trinity?

Right, on that controversial note, TTFN!*


* It means ‘Ta Ta for now’ (the late Jimmy Young).

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All go

Hello Good People

An update.

I’m not sure if I told you, but the head of Marketing at my publisher, AUSTIN MACAULEY, is linking this blog site to their Press Release site, so any news re my literary efforts can get a wider audience. Bring it on!

I wrote a story in verse and prose some years ago entitled ‘ARRIVAL’, which tells the story of a possible Second Coming. I’ve sent a copy to the BBC, as I think the medium of television and (possibly more so) radio would be the better outlet for it.

On a different matter, we’re on the verge of getting new ‘GEORGE’ bookmarkers printed and, totally new, ‘GEORGE’ postcards. The whole project geared towards getting children into the WORD. To both read and learn the art of written communication

Watch out for my publishers AUSTIN MACAULEY. Only been around some 12 years, but building up a head of steam and going like a train!!

That’s it for now. Up and at ‘em!



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Hello Good People

Back again …. this time with ‘INSANITUS’

This third book is a collection of individual short stories, each complete and of themselves alone (whereas ‘GEORGE’ is made up of fourteen separate stories, but when together, make up one singular, overall story/novel).

I’ve written short ghost/horror stories since the outset of the ‘70s (that’s the 1970s, not the bleedin’ 1870s!!). I have some 68 in total and, last year, began to put them into some sort of order, with an idea they could make up small collections. So, ‘INSANITUS’ is the first such collection.

With the first, I decided to do those stories (novellas, in fact) that I wrote with the “safety catch” off, beginning with ‘BLOOD’. I wanted to do a mood piece, so did so, choosing blood as my subject matter. I went on the search engine Google and typed in the word ‘blood’. What it came up with blew my imagination, giving me with a ‘hook’ to hang my story on. What made it even better was the fact the condition of the tragic ‘hero’ of the piece, designated with the ID of ‘Mister Nobody’ is a genuine one, as was his particular syndrome within the condition: the ‘RENFIELD SYNDROME’. Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ character has more than a vestige of truth/reality about him. Someone behind you can truly stalk, with bloody intent!

‘INSANITUS’ comes out at the end of this November, all things being equal. Whether more follow will be in the lap of the gods.

Finally, there’s ‘ARRIVAL’. A story in verse and prose, telling of the Second Coming’. However, how it’s decided to present it is a matter yet to be resolved. It’s different to any other writings of mine, so has to be truly separate; stand alone.

That’s it. Thank you for your time and patience. I’ll be back!



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Hello Good People

Today it’s ‘GEORGE’, and this book is as different from ‘PROM’ as it’s possible to be. And, unbelievably for me, it all began around August of 2000! A beautiful young lady joined the company I worked in. Before too long, she informed me that she had a little dog, a Jack Russell, by the name of ‘GEORGE’. Typical me, I said I’d write a story about him, and the ‘handle’ was already there: his name. The story would be about a little Jack Russell by the name of ‘GEORGE’. For reasons I won’t explain here, he struts his stuff from the moment he deems himself to be THE George: that’s to say, SAINT GEORGE, Warrior Knight. Patron Saint of England, Slayer of Dragons, Rescuer of Damsels in Distress and an All Round Good Egg!

There was another young lady in the company, by the name of Filez (or “Filly” for short). She informed me that their family dog was a cross breed Husky by the name of ‘BUTCH’, and Filly’s prime job, as far as the family was concerned, was to keep his fabulous coat in pristine condition. This wasn’t helped at all in the fact the hair was plentiful and WHITE, and Filly was always fighting a losing battle. I said I’d write a story which included Butch. And such was so.

I wrote seven stories in the first session, and seven more in the second session, with a number of years between the two. By the time I was starting the 12th story, I was pooped. So, I decided to stop at the even number of ….. 14. This gave me time and space to begin laying down the road to the end. Also, when the time came, I had to ask the publisher that all future copies had a single strapline on the inside front page of the book: Nothing is what it seems.

I noted a few “odd” happenings in the context of the stories, from story 12. Only into the second half of the 14th and final story would the reason for that strapline come to be understood.

I enjoyed writing them, the more so as Maria, Filly, George and Butch had been and are real people and real pets respectively. Also a character by the name of Inspector Charles “Charlie” Roberts. The real Charlie (!) had been my father’s friend for some 15 or more years, and is still mine. Dad is deceased, but Charlie’s still hanging in there – at 97! They don’t make them like that anymore. A true “Good Old Tommy”!

The illustrations for the book were done by an outstanding Artist/Illustrator, Finola Stack. I gave her detailed descriptions of George, Butch, Maria and Charlie (along with photos), and just the descriptions of the other characters. She did a wonderful job. Also, ‘George’ has received approval (at least of his image) from a Royal quarter.

The Primary school kids I spoke to about George and his adventures loved him. Time will tell how far he goes.

I won’t detail any of the stories, but some did, in a very gentle, oblique way, make mention of some of the sharper edges of a young person’s life. Also, that life, and goodness was, and always would be, ultimately triumphant!

Right, tomorrow I shall deal with my third book – due out at the end of November, 2018. A collection of novellas from the HORROR genre, in which I usually tend to write.

That’s it.


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Hello Good People

And now we come to the end, as far as ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’ is concerned. So, we’re now back into the context of the story.

How? was the question. I’ve decided to go to the last major piece of the heart of the subject matter. This by way of going to ‘Carvel’s Address to the IAMS, and headed ‘The Theory of “Second Evolution”. In fact, Carvel was indisposed and the Address was delivered by a man, the Moderate extremis as far as Medicine was concerned, who had been against Carvel’s stance and views, as a Progressive extremis in same, since their Cambridge days, years before. The man being Sir George Purcell. Now, as he honoured a pledge he had made to Carvel barely a year before, and stood to make the Address, they had become friends who agreed to disagree most strongly in matters regarding the direction “progressive” Medicine was taking, with Carvel at the helm. As Purcell stood at the lectern, neither he nor anyone in the room, nor the world beyond, knew what Carvel had achieved within the walls of the CRE.

But …. what part of the Address to note here? It could be on but one topic: EUTHANASIA. When I was writing the ‘Friends of Medicine’ speech, that singular word/subject was looming at the back of my mind. So, at the book’s end, I had little choice but to bring it front and centre ….. within the context of the full Address. In this, I have selected a few paragraphs. They will have to suffice, until those that will, decide to read the book.

The Address was delivered by Sir George Purcell on 5 November, 1985; barely three months after the ‘Carvel experiment’.

Herewith, a few selections from that Address, headed ‘The Theory of Second Evolution’ by Carvel himself.

‘Perhaps my actions will throw into stark relief the meaning of progress, and the consequences of same. Good, if it will take matters from the realms of theory and polite debate and forces a reality check. Make it, society, ME, face what is now upon us – and deal with it.’

‘To those of you who may not have grasped what I’m getting at, let me put it in a single word: evolution. Evolution, ladies and gentlemen. Continued evolution related to the most precious thing on this Earth. Life. Ours.

To me personally, all that has passed comes down to two very basic areas. Continued evolution, and to that very singular life gifted to us all. Let us take evolution first.

I am firmly of the belief that we are in the middle of making the Second Evolution of Man. First, there was the evolution from Ape to Man- by Nature. Now we have the Second Evolution, of Man to Superman – by Man.’

‘ …… It has been made clear to all of us at this time, that it was, it is, and shall always be, to each alone, his or her life. …….By this I mean, when and wherever possible, each individual of right age and sound mind, should be allowed to decide just how far they would have us go to save, prolong, even bring to a close, their life. Yes, euthanasia has to be in this equation. For now, I said ‘prolong’ as opposed to ‘save’. Sometimes the difference between the two acts are not made clear in either debates or speeches, such as this one here tonight.’

‘…….. Quite often, euthanasia is not only the most merciful course to take, but in all conscience, the correct course of action to take. Only religion and the teachings of thousands of years still prevent the reason for this being shown to be so.’

‘….. Let me repeat what I have said once more. I speak only of the voluntary act of euthanasia as, for me at least, there can be no other.’

‘…… I end with three questions to all men and women of Medicine everywhere: What price Medical progress continued? What price Medical progress abandoned? Who, amongst all here tonight, would be signatory to the latter?’

‘Thank you for the courtesy of your time and attention.’

* * * *

That was essentially the end of the book, save for just a few lines on the following page, that I’d suggest supported the old truism: It’s never over ‘til it’s over’!

* * * *

Tomorrow, lighter fare, as I feature ‘GEORGE’.



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Hello You Luv’ly People.

Here we are again …. primarily with ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. However, first some news. The Marketing Manager of AUSTIN MACAULEY thinks this idea of “talking” about my writings on my little blog site is a great idea, so she’s linking it into my Press Release site. Oh, goodie!

So, back to ‘PROM’ and …. JAMES ROBERT CARVEL.

* * * *

What follows is in the context of the book/story.

Gavert’s face-to-face, formalised Q&A session with Carvel was the last. Again, here I edit it, and do not comment on it, save to say ten years down the line and the man looked to Gavaert to be physically older, but the eyes still shone with brilliance …. or madness …. depending on one’s view of the man.



‘Why did you make the ‘Friends of Medicine’ speech?’


‘Why not?’

(And then the man elaborated a little).

‘I wanted to fire a warning shot across the bows of medicine, just for my personal satisfaction. I knew those who’d probably put two and two together were not present that night. No real ‘heavyweights’ of our profession. Besides which, that was years ago and, in reality, we were nowhere near then.’


‘So, James, why?’

(It was here that Carvel had actually made the mountain and mountaineers analogy. He also then made the remark: ‘Who the gods wish to drag down, they first gift the cup of hubris.’ This itself, of course, a misquote.)


‘Will the ‘Experiment’ succeed?’


‘Truthfully, I do hope so. If not, to at least show that our way is essentially the right way.’


‘Do your fellow Team members think likewise?’


‘Have you not asked them, Alvin?’


‘Do you think you’re right in what you’re doing?’


‘I refer you to my speech to the ‘Friends of Medicine’. Also, I will, before the year is out, expand on it in my Address to the IAMS.’


‘Does Baltimore truly believe he’ll come out of it as a new man, literally?’


‘You’ve asked him. Let his answer suffice.’


‘Do you, would you, feel any responsibility for your course of action as regards to your colleagues in the profession, and to friends?’


‘Only to my patient, no other.’


If Baltimore, as ‘B2’, comes out of this alive, where will he go? Where will your Team go?’


‘To the prototype of the COT (the Cryogenics Operating Theatre). As to the Team members, they’ll each fly out of here and to destinations of their own choosing. As to ‘B2’, when he’s “de-frosted” for the final time, that will be that. No going back.’

(Gavaert had to add a codicil answer to that last answer)


‘Why, it seems as though you’d be running away!?’

(Carvel’s response was almost deadpan, as he also gave a faint smile)


‘Can’t be too careful. May get sussed and arrested.’


How far do you think medical progress will go?’


‘My two speeches give indication, but much will depend on the society of the day. There’s no easy answer.’


‘Finally, Sir James, do you believe in God?’


‘I’m not into formalised religion, Alvin. It has no place in my professional work. On good days, I believe in a Common Father. On a bad day, I’m an agnostic.’

That was it. Only the ‘Experiment’ remained, which would also see Gavaert enter into one of the most fantastic, advanced operating theatres in the history of Medicine to date: the Cryogenics Operating Theatre.

* * * *

As you can imagine, there is so much more beyond this point, which you would have to find out for yourself. Be that so, you should have an EDITED glimpse into that C.O.T. scene, after the ‘Experiment’. In doing so, like me when I was writing this book, remember it was no longer Baltimore (B1) present, but his brain in the skull of a donor body. Only when, IF, that body became once more active, in movement, voice and memory, would it become B2; the NEW William John Baltimore.

Gavaert looking down into the Cryocasket that held the potential B2

‘The writer stared down into the casket. It was all rather bright, due to the lights being directly above ……. There, laying out before him, was something akin to a facsimile of a face. It resembled what could, at best, be described as some grotesquely, badly fitting face mask. And the skin; a faint, unnatural colour about it. No matter. Carvel had the necessary skills to perform the odd tweak, make that face more acceptable …. in time…….’

* * * *

Sorry, that’s as far as I go down that route.

How to end this is now the question. My answer is the “Second Evolution”, and that I’ll deal with after lunch.

Stay tuned.


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