William P Thomson

One Who Would a Writer Be.

Got It Covered!

Hello Good People

The last two days have been fascinating, as I make my way through the magic and mysteries of the publishing world.

This time around, it was getting together a cover for ‘PROMETHEUS ASCENDING’. In this, I was, through the publishers, introduced to Greg, their expert both in graphic design and illustration. My original cover was already out of the window, and I was dumb enough to believe the new cover would be produced using an actor and special make-up, or an illustrator would do the business from scratch. Not so. Greg made use of something akin to a photo library, which has photos of just about anything and everything. To keep things simple, Greg ‘pulled down’ into his laptop some photos, and then, just like doing a jigsaw puzzle, put them to an order, so making a composite (like an identikit) of the person I wanted on the cover, working from my description in the book, and making ‘artistic’ change as and where necessary; the magician of illusion weaving his magic. In barely a day, with a few adjustments along the way, it came together. On Monday, we’ll hopefully conclude the job, and it already looks magnificently ‘horrific’.

To get an idea what the finished item might be like, I ran off a print of what Greg emailed over, then wrapped it around a paperback (a Penguin edition of Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’!). It fitted almost perfectly. So, I now really have an idea what the finished article will, in the course of time, look like. Oh, the joys of becoming a (published) writer …. if only in mock-up form at present.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned.



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